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San Miniato White Truffle Season

White Truffle in Autumn

A rich Season of events for those who want to discover the recipes and the places for growth of the White Truffle

The truffle is an underground mushroom that tends to grow in the same spot every year. This is the reason why it is fundamentally impossible to relocate a tree under which there is a truffle ecosystem. The condition that regulates the growth are as unique as fragile. We are talking of very few areas all over the world and San Miniato hills are one of them. This is the biggest geographical area with a high production of White Truffle which extends into the deep countryside.

As we wait for the grand finale, the White Truffle Market Fair, many little towns will host a friendly dinner feast in the autumn month. Learn this name, Sagra.

Where to go

La Serra

“White Truffle and Porcini Mushroom Festival” takes place in a vibrant space famous in the whole Region for its famous Sagre. Every month, a local product becomes the protagonist of a grand-style menu. This rural settlement has an important historical role in the tradition of truffle trade in San Miniato. All those who unearthed the truffle from the deep woods in the hillside (the hunters) came here, in La Serra, to trade their haul.


Truffle hunters are not born, they become. Truffle tradition was born in a society heavily anchored on rural life. To gain some extra money from the truffle trade, sharecroppers roamed in the woods hoping for their dogs to point their tails and show them the extra month’s salary nobody would have paid them. Corazzano became the hometown of those successors who abbandoned the big farmhouses and started much more contemporary lives and jobs. Here there is the oldest butchery shop in the district. The small yet lively community organize its “Truffle Fair” together with a vintage market that shows the habits of that generation.


Festival of the White Truffle and the Duck Race

Ponte a Egola

Truffle Festival

San Miniato Basso

Pinocchio Truffle Festival

Autumn in San Miniato

It is a great occasion to see the countryside turning in its warmest colours Experience photo shoot vintage car

Where to sleep

Where you can buy it

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