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Truffle all along

San miniato has a one century tradition of truffle dealer and a hal of a century Market Expo. Mainly the town has gained its notoriety because of the highly price White Truffle which keeps driving the local economy of San Miniato. As our mission is that to promote the local products 365 days a year the San Miniato Promozione Foundation has started a new project named: Truffle all along (“San Miniato tartufo tutto l’anno”). When the winter season ends there are two other Truffle that enrich the local economy as well as the restaurant dishes: the spring truffle Marzuolo and the Summer Black Truffle.

  • 20 MARCH 2022 – 22° Marzuolo Market Fair

  • 5 JUNE 2022 – 1° Black Truffle Market Fair

  • 12-13 / 19-20 / 26-27 NOVEMBER 2022 – 51° White Truffle Fair

This project is a great result of the collaboration between the local administration, associations and all stakeholders (truffle hunters, truffle merchants, winemakers, restaurateurs and others). Our DNA there is promotion, not only of the truffle, but also of the economy, tourism, and all those initiatives that can entice people to visit San Miniato and appreciate its architectural beauty and food and wine excellence.


Fondazione San Miniato Promozione

P.zza del Popolo, 1 San Miniato

Tel. 0571 42745


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