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53rd Kite Festival and 27th Flower Market Exhibition

The traditional kite flight

One of the oldest initiatives taking place in the center of San Miniato

At the base of the Federician fortress handcrafted kytes will take flight from the early hours of the morning. On Sunday the 16th San Miniato celebrates the old tradition of Kytes Festival following the Master’s ritual: river reeds dried in the open air, string, glue made with water and flour, wax or tissue paper. The festival has its roots in 1968 when young people used to gahter to enjoy the sunny spring after Easter Holidays. Now as then families set up picnics and bring kytes to let them fly from this beautiful panoramic view over the valley.

There will be also hot air balloons in Piazza del Duomo and a special auction with local as well as international painters: their work of art will be created on kite-shaped canvases and the auction will be given to the association that has been keeping alive the event.

During the special day there will be also a Flower Market Exhibition in Piazza del Seminario and a Flea Market and Antique Market in Piazza del Popolo. Meantime a km0 Market will take place by the Church of San Domenico. Their products come from real garden and biological farms.


From 9 to 20 Piazza del Seminario and Piazza del Popolo


From 9 to 20 Loggiati di San Domenico


3.30 pm Santa Chiara Conservatory

EXIT OF THE HISTORICAL PROCESSION with characters born or lived in San Miniato and the extraordinary participation of the company of musicians and flag-wavers of Porta Fiorentina of the Palio del Cerro di Cerreto Guidi

17.00 Piazza Duomo

LAUNCH OF THREE BALLOONS with messages of Peace

17.30 Palazzo Roffia

AWARDING of the most characteristic kites

17.30 pm Palazzo Roffia – AUCTION OF PAINTED KITES, Auctioneer Roberto Milani

Unique works created by well-known artists by Filippo Lotti and the Popular Events Committee.



057142745 (San Miniato Promotion tourist office)


In case of rain the party will be postponed to the following Sunday

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